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THANK YOU for your interest and support helping the folks in Crossett!

Mission #1: Call Tanya Lawrence, Acting Director of the

EPA Office of Civil Rights at 202-564-2916. 

Urge her to investigate Crossett’s civil rights petition and relocate the community of color impacted by pollution and sickness. 

Suggested: “Hi My name is ____, I am calling to urge you to investigate Crossett, Arkansas' civil rights petition filed by Tulane Law Clinic. I ask that you investigate. I urge you to help the disproportionately affected community of color impacted by Georgia-Pacific's waste water and air pollution, resulting in reported sickness and death. I ask you, Tanya Lawrence and the EPA civil rights desk to investigate and relocate impacted residents of West Crossett."

See how your support is helping crosset

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Mission #3

Help Us, Spread The Word!

Use whatever platform you have; reach out to your network... email family, Facebook your friends and take to Twitter.

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Through public pressure, applied together, we can #CleanUpCrossett

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Janine Cheviot

Jen Sachs

Jesse Lava

Jessica Bluck

JoAnn Moffitt

John Wamick

Jonathan Field

Jonathan Moore

Julie Civiello

Karen Delcioppo

Karen Valibaba

Karl Grant

Karla Marin

Kendall Kelley

Kristina Corrales

Larry Waldie

Laurie Epstein

Leonard Drorian

Linda Hook

Linda Sivertsen

Lisa Kianoun

Lou Kan

Luke Mcintosh

Lussia Kamberian

Lynda Filler

Maral Melkichian

Marilyn Friedman

Marty Fontaine

Matthew Reis

Max Zimbert

Michael Macomber

Michael Pessah

Michael Polier

Michael VerBurg

Miguel Siqueiros

Mona Rand

Monty and Farrah Sommer

Nicole Broyles


Special Thanks to Everyone Who Donated:



Adrine  Semerjian

Aimee Jennings

Alex and Andrea Neal-Thiesen 

Allen & Ani Vartazarian 

Amanda Goodrich 

Amanda Reed 

Aminta Goyel 

Amy Rogers

Amy Smith 

Ana Holub 

Ande Dagan

Ani Acevedo

Anna Penenberg

Anne Kottke

Annie Yeung

Anton Floquet

Aram Sardarian

Armen Aghaeian

Azon Juan

Belinda Carreno

Carey Cameron

Caroline Senekeremian

Catriona Macleod

Christi Corpus

Craig Gold

Cynthia Elmastian

Dan Kolen

Eddie Melikyan

Edwin Karapetian

Erica Hiller Carpenter

Erica Mazzella

Erika Smith

Fatimah Adams

Greg DeHart

Hayley Plowman

Heidi Frey Greenwald

Helen Sardarian

Isandra Gonzalez

Jake Grand



Nisha Stud

Paul Barsoumian

Paul Hardcastle

Paul Kadzielski

Phyllis Coblentz

Richard Iskovich

Rebecca Calinsky

RJ Beavers

Robert Deeb

Robert Greenwald

Robert Otis Wilkinson

Ryan Peterson

Samantha Chapman

Sandra Knapton

Sara Lashkari

Sara Mouser

Sarin Kaloustian

Sema Batuk

Shantal DerBoghosian

Shona Reeves

Shundell Prasad

Stacey Frederick

Stanley Chow

Stephanie Samar

Stephen Garcia

Stewart Reeves

Suzy Minassian

Therese Lloyd

Timothy Plain

Vicky Demirci

Wesley Saver

Zac Ryder 


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