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Natalie Kottke-Masocco is a documentary filmmaker, writer, and activist based in Los Angeles. She directed Company Town, which premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival, and screened at Sheffield Doc’s Marketplayer forum in the UK, a feature-length documentary about environmental injustice in a small rural town in Arkansas. Natalie discovered this story in 2011, and spent six years documenting air and water pollution and cancer deaths in Crossett, gaining access to the community, workers, and a whistleblower. The residents had a profound impact on her life, witnessing their fight for justice. The New Yorker featured Company Town and interviewed Natalie, garnering national attention. She received a documentary investigative journalism fellowship with The American Independent Institute in Washington, D.C. and partnered with Act 4 Entertainment. She's produced a documentary series for National Geographic Channel, Uncensored with Michael Ware, which aired in March 2017, and produced a documentary film about the Dalai Lama, which aired on National Geographic, Explorer in March 2017. She has produced multiple award-winning investigative documentaries, including, Brave New Films: Unmanned: America’s Drone War, War on Whistleblowers: Free Press & The National Security State, and Koch Brothers Exposed. She has produced documentaries and television for Elevative Entertainment, E! Networks, CBS, and produced new media content on women’s rights, voting rights, immigration and healthcare reform. Her inspiration and work focuses on social justice issues, utilizing her love of writing and filmmaking to make an impact. 


Erica Sardarian is a filmmaker who began her career in digital media and television, producing for the Travel Channel, History Channel, E!, A&E, Cooking Channel, FX, and Fox Movie Channel. Her experience spans from notable shows including the long-running educational series Modern Marvels on the History Channel to the investigative two-hour documentary O.J. Speaks: The Hidden Tapes on A&E. Erica received an investigative journalism fellowship with The American Independent Institute. She has written and directed two short films about living in New York City and recently directed a short digital documentary about loss, hope, and healing. Erica is also the creator of Sweet Little Nothings xo- a greeting card company whose mission is to bring love and kindness to the world by one simple, thoughtful gesture. She continues her fulfilling work telling human stories and is passionate about creating awareness and change in the world.


Edgar Sardarian was the youngest person to host, edit, and produce his own show on the Time Warner Cable network. Through his talent and tenacity, Edgar has had the opportunity to work on box office blockbusters such as Wall Street 2 for FOX Studios and Iron Man 2 for Marvel. He worked closely with Academy Award winning director, Oliver Stone, where he learned the ins and outs of movie making. He loves to inform and entertain. He most recently has been involved in various high profile documentary projects aimed at bringing to light important stories through his unique cinematic style. 



Erin Fitch is a Writer/Producer based in New York City. Erin has worked on several of the highest rated shows on HBO, NBC, ABC, Discovery, MTV, and HGTV. In addition to her work in television, Erin is a guest writer for Two Weeks to Travel and is currently writing her first book.



Sarah Strunin is a Seattle based filmmaker. She has done work with the local PBS station in Environmental Journalism both as an Associate Producer and writer. Along with her personal projects in documentary and experimental film, she has done curatorial work with the Northwest Film Forum to create intersectional arts programming. For her next project she hopes to document the emerging music scene in Seattle.



Carey Cameron has worked for Magoo Post Production since 2005 and was instrumental in the creation of all their long form projects including the award-winning documentary Running to America (2011), for Cordell Jigsaw and the Surfing Documentary series Storm Surfers that screened on the Discovery Channel from in 2008. Carey’s background is in production finance and she has held roles for not-for-profit social justice and environmental groups like Brave New Foundation and Earth Rights Institute. Carey’s most recent role as President of Friends of Coeur d Alene raised $350,000 for Public School Education in Venice, California. Carey is originally from New Zealand, but currently lives in Venice, California with her husband Stewart and her two daughters Deija and Belle.




Act 4 Entertainment, a Los Angeles based film entertainment and new media company that focuses on creating content that is socially conscious - engaging in conversation as a catalyst for action, around economic justice, human rights and good government.



David Johnson is the founder of Act 4 Entertainment. Johnson is currently a board member and former chairperson of Public Counsel Law Center, the nation’s largest public interest pro bono law firm. He founded the Center’s Impact Litigation Project that focuses on the economic divide as a legal issue, and dedicates this work to closing that gap. Johnson’s passion to improve economic justice in America is alive in his inspiring films. Johnson executive produced The People Speak, a feature-length documentary about America’s struggles with war, class, race and women’s rights with Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman, among others. Johnson produced The Man Nobody Knew: In Search of My Father, CIA Spymaster William Colby, a feature-length documentary about the career and family life of highly controversial CIA Director William Colby. Johnson is the Executive Producer of Company Town.



Adam Paul Smith is the creator behind Act 4’s “What Can I Do?” social action campaign, focused on bridging the gap between inspired audiences and meaningful action. Adam is currently in development on multiple projects for narrative features, documentary, television, and new media. He is currently producing Company Town and most recently produced Angels In Exile, which explores homeless youth of Durban, South Africa, and is narrated by Academy Award Winner Charlize Theron.



The American Independent Institute is a nonprofit organization, which funds investigative journalism efforts that expose the nexus of conservative power in Washington. The American Independent Institute supports investigative journalists through grants, sponsoring long-form pieces, proposals for books, e-books and documentaries.


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